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Karen Love Art

Karen’s paintings are about the richness and patterns of nature at every scale and form – at every natural dimension we see, but don’t necessarily notice.

She spends a lot of time wandering among the mountains of Pemberton. Always discovering new beauty in the forest, fields, rivers, and lakes that surround her. Nature’s colours and geometric shapes are incredibly interesting to observe throughout all the different seasons.

Born and raised in Kleinburg, Ontario, home of the McMichael Canadian Art Collection. Growing up there she spent a lot of time at the gallery and in the woods surrounding it. The Group of Seven, Tom Thompson and Emily Carr, naturally, were huge influences on her work. As a girl, she participated in sketching outings led by an ancient A.Y. Jackson. Karen is very interested in abstract painting and often goes through abstract phases, but her greatest enjoyment comes from expressing nature’s fundament though art.

Karen studied fine art at Art Sake Inc. Institute of Visual Arts in Toronto, Ontario, a school known for painting, run by 10 Canadian Artists. Following that she continued studies at Sheridan College’s School of Craft and Design, Emily Carr Design Institute, and Capilano College.

She also founded the Pemberton Arts Council in 2006 to celebrate art in a rural community and give a voice to the mountain culture.

Come visit

I’m the resident artist at the Four Seasons Resort in Whistler, BC. Stop in there and see what I’m working on, January till April 2019.